Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wordless Wednesday 7 October

Here is my photo for this week. 

The first swim of the season.  A bit cool it was reported and the swimmers did not stay in long.

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Being a Parent on the Sideline.

I am a parent on the side line watching my children participate in sport.  For me I am a hockey mum. I proudly stand and support my children playing their chosen game.  I love seeing them mature and develop, get stronger and grow their skill base. 

Unfortunately there are times when parents are less than positive on the sideline watching their children.  So this has got me thinking about what my role is as a hockey Mum/ Dad.

So my thoughts are.....

  • Be a positive supporter on the sideline not only for my child but players from both teams.  Great play is great play no matter what colour shirt the player is wearing.
  • Remember that if my child has not played as well as they might have, they know it.  Sitting in the car being reminded about is not ideal and sure not supportive.
  • Celebrate their successes, even the little ones.
  • I am not the coach...the coach has that role and never the lines do meet.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Spring brings variable weather.  In fact just a couple of weeks ago it rained so much that the very small creek  overflowed with the help of a king tide.  Oh yes and see that shed on the right.  Yes the really large one with the white door......well all our house hold posessions are there.  Underwater just a little.    Hmmm and guess what.....last time we lived in the same temporary accommodation (thanks Mum and Dad) with the same household storage situation, the creek flooded.  Yes the last two times that that creek flooded we have had stuff in the shed.  

Boy life can be cruel sometimes.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wordless Wednesday 29 September

Spring is here and the weather is warming up.  When suddenly  it hails and doesnt stop for 30 minutes.  The grass turns white and stays white with hail.  In fact the next morning there was still some hail on the ground.

It was very exciting in our house.  It does not snow in Auckland and the hail really behaved like snow.  What more would you do with settling hail but to make a snowman decorated with leaves and sticks.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Oh boy ...oh boy

It is amazing how time flies.  I have been so busy in my house that I think I will be busy wiping cobwebs off until Christmas....and oh boy Christmas is less than 100 days away so not far.

Well what has life been throwing at me.  Since I last posted I have got my house ready to sell.  Sold it in 10 days and then packed and moved  a house load of belongings.  Then of course we had no place to move into so my wonderful parents, once again opened their house up so that we could have a place to stay.  So in cabins, yes two of them, my husband and I have a bedroom and in another is one child.  Two children are inside each with their own bedrooms.

So we have been busy trying to work out our next step.  That has taken a lot of time and energy.but finally the solutuon to our long term housing needs has been decided.  The next exciting adventure in our lives has begun.

Our needs were specifically related to my disabled son and the need for my other children to have space.  A place for peace and quiet, a place to study, and a place where the bathroom facilities are clean.  I know the last one is an unusual item on the list but essential when you have a child who does not appear capable of using a toilet without flooding the bathroom.  Hmmmmm

Luckily we had access to purchase a piece of land but to build was prohibative to fill our needs.  So we came up with a solution that comes with some risk.  We are going to move a large house from a place about 30 kilomerters from out land.  How very exciting for us but very stressful and keeping us, in our house, very busy.

There is no doubt that I am going to have plenty to blog about in the weeks, months and years to come as we move this house on and fully renovate it.

So while we take a break from the stress of ordinary everyday life with two teenagers (one being disabled) and tweenage boy I will be able to catch up on some sleep, make some new lists of things to do, clear my brain ready for some of those creative decisions that will need to be made to get the house ready for use to live in.

Oh yes the weather is terrible.  While we have no control over this fingers are all crossed in our house that the rain goes away so the ground is firm enough and the weather dry enough to cut a house into 6  pieces and move it onto site.

A photo taken while Iwas out walking,,,yes in the reain.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday 11 February

Nothing like summer in my house.

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Just look inside

With February being the month of things from the heart I thought that it would be timely to consider what it is deep inside me that I love. 

There is no way around it that most if not all, people have things they love that have never emerged to reach the light of day.  I am no exception. I love the fact though that the most important things that I love are out there for that matter to family.

But seriously it vital that I love myself first and foremost.  Without that nothing else really matters....well in my opinion.  I am at a point where, but I guess I have always known it, that I have to put myself first in the list of things I love.  As part of my life make over I more deeply realise that if I don't love myself then it is difficult to be a happy place.

So loving myself now looks like this:

  • make sure I exercise as it, by default, gives me time for myself.
  • eat a balanced diet and don't deny myself the treats.  They are part of the balance.
  • laugh......everyday.   I am sure it shares all those happy endorphins and it is contagious.  Finally I am sure that I have read somewhere laughing helps keep the face well toned and in my steadily advancing years that is important.
  • dream and be inspired to fill my life with things that I love.
 With that I leave you a quote to think about for today.

 (credits....all products by tangie baxter)

Monday Menu 10 February

Another school week is underway and all the after school activities for my children has begun.  Some are even first thing in the morning.  So I am still trying to remember what I do for my meals when I am out and about being taxi driver.

Monday  spaghetti bolognese

Tuesday   leftover meat from monday with salad and baked potato.

Wednesday  chicken capsicum red onion and mango chutney wraps (my own recipe)

Thursday   Vegetarian quesadillas

Friday  home made hamburgers 

Saturday  kung pao chicken zoodles

Sunday  leftovers

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Fridays Fabulous Finds #67

I have plenty of links just waiting to be shared.  So there is no time to be wasted so lets get straight on to the links.

 Here is my effort at a different type of self portrait.  I am with my daughter

  • My favourite  recipe find from last week.  The meatloaf is so easy to make and loved by everyone in my house.
  • Just for that moment when you are without power like we were in December 2014, for 24 hours then here are some tips for surviving just such a moment.
  • Finally a lesson on how to strum your guitar the Bo Diddle way.
I can't wait to be linked up to any of your favorite links.

My Mojo

I am on a mission to look after my mojo.  Yes you know, that special little something that really keeps you well motivated and on top if everything in a fabulous way.  When everything working just as if magic was involved.

So here is magic mojo finder recipe.  It took a while to work but still did at the end of the day.

 A recipe to find your mojo

Take a portion of each component and generously apply it to 
  • smile and make the others in my house smile as they walk by me.
  • take a little time for myself (go for an hour long walk) just to get a little head space for myself.
  • laugh....a lot.  It is amazing what a difference it makes
and if all that does very little to help then

  • take a 20 minute nap.   You will be surprise how much better one feels after a nap.
 and finally never forget