Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Whirlwind is Home

Yes DS1 has been on residential respite care for week. This enables him to have a holiday and us to catch up on sleep and energy, do things that ordinary families do without the unusual constraints that come with DS1 and in general achieve things that we probably others can do.

He usually cant wait to get there and we trust in the process of him being well cared for and happy.

It is always great to see him home but when he is away it brings into focus how demanding his needs are on our lives.

We love him none the less.

Here he is on his first day home playing with bubbles.

The bathroom

Sometimes all the renovating we have been doing just doesn't seem worth it. Today was just one of those days. The worst part of it is that this room is the last one of the house that needs the plastering done, the priming/ sealing painted on, the painting and not to mention a new bath in and this time I will have to learn how to tile in the splash zone.

Then the finishing touches, extractor and light will need to go in and a towel rowel hung and that is it. The basic and mirror are in great condition.

Who knows how long it will take us to finish this but maybe in a month we will be well and truly just tying up the loosing ends in each bedroom.

So thanks to my own little troupe of home handymen, my father and husband, for taking up to 3 days to work out how to build a frame for the new bath...(without laughing too much I must comment here that the bath did come with instructions for building a frame but they were not discovered until half a days thinking had gone into)

I will back into the plastering tomorrow.