Thursday, 7 January 2010

Home for Sale

I listed our house for private sale on 18 December after nearly three years of renovating it.  There was nothing really difficult to do as far as renovations goes,  but we were slow and had to wait for the money to accumulate etc.  During that time I have been come the plasterer and DH a painter.  We are not likely to change our professions any time soon as we are really slow at this but it sure saved us a lot of money.

We learnt many things about renovating a home over these years.  Things that we will take into consideration when we buy our next place will be

1.  We need a  place to store the furniture etc from the room we are working on.  We do not what to have to live around boxes again for months and months.

2.  Be bolder with colour but not too much so that it dates and needs painting again and again.

3.  Use Youtube more.  That is where we got all our tiling skills from and the job looked great when it was finished.

4.  Have a timeline and stick to it.

5.  Have more fun doing it.  This might be hard to achieve but we should look into it.

As for the house for sale.  We have a couple coming back for a second viewing.  Fingers crossed that after only two weeks on the market that they love the place and offer us an acceptable price.  This would be really good as it is very hard to keep the house looking terrific while the school holidays are on.

As for what we will move too.  Who knows.  Watch this space is what I say.