Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Isn't it Funny

Isn't it funny how as soon as the weather turns from summer to autumn and the weather becomes more variable and cooler, the more the weather becomes a regular part of everyday conversation. Personally I love the summer. I love the warmth, the long pleasant evening temperatures, the fact that you really appreciate the odd smattering of rain. So when the cooler weather arrives and I try and squeeze into last years warm weather clothing I have see to have lost a little of my energy for life and am already looking forward to the arrival of spring in September.

 (photo taken by my 13 year old DD who tells me that her Samsung phone is too old...hmmm)

So I am determined to get a little sunlight while out exercising, getting myself out the door and exercising.  Hope that the little bit of sun I might be exposed to will give me lot of positive endorphins.

Mondays Menu 19 May

This weeks menu is designed for a busy winter sport family.  I know that Tuesdays will not change because of the time challenges we have after school.

So here we go

Monday  marinated steak with baked potato and green vege.

Tuesday  beef crockpot on rice

Wednesday  sweet and sour chicken on noodles

Thursday  meatballs and spaghetti with green salad

Friday  Pumkin Soup with homemade bread.

Saturday  pesto and haloumi pasta salad

Sunday   leftovers

I am linking this to I'm an Organising Junkie.