Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Winter sport is here

Here we are in the middle of a very warm Autumn and winter sport teams have been selected with first practice for Andres hockey team tonight.  With the balmy evening temperature of 23 Celsius it is reasonable to say that things could be worse, especially the weather in the middle of the season.

For me though, as for all hockey, rugby, soccer, netball mums and dads it is just the beginning of a schedule that includes both mornings and evening practises.  On the road by 5.45 am twice a week and not home until 8pm once a week. Games on the evenings of school days twice and Saturday morning.  That does not include anything else in the schedule such as music, speech and drama, or the logistics of organising baby sitters for when my husband is away. 

Needless to say I think I officially classify as a taxi driver whose car knows its way around the Auckland without my help, whose car is sometimes a place to catch a few moments of sleep.  Then there are the moments where the car is the place where breakfast is eaten occasionally and dinner on other occasions.

It is exhausting for us all but ultimately I love that my children love playing their hockey.  I love that they get a sense of achievement from the game, they learn life skills from both being in the winning team and loosing team.

So well done all you mum (and dads).  I hope your children love their sport as much as mine do.

Roll on winter I say.