Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday 1 August

Spring is here.  This lamb is about 1 day old.  He is in our neighbours paddock.

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Monday Menu 30 July

Here is my menu for this week.

Monday  spaghetti bolignaise

Tuesday  freezer meal bacon and egg pie and salad

Wednesday  chicken stir fry (creamy coconut sauce flavour)

Thursday  easy stir fry rice

Friday  sweet and sour chicken and noodles

Saturday  lunch box chicken curry pasta

Sunday   leftovers.

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Don't for get to Dream, It might just come true.

My daughter McKenzie plays hockey.  I have written about this before many times.  This year we decided, as she is very passionate about this sport, to move her club registration out of where she had been since she was five, to a new club falling under a new provincial structure.  This decision too my DH and I much thought and discussion.  What really helped seal the decision came down to these few things
  • she is passionate about the sport and we needed to make sure she had all the opportunties avaliable to her.
  • under the club and provincial structure she was in she was going to run out of girls/ youth to play in a team with thus leaving her to play in adults team once she was in Year 9 (13 years old).
  • we were looking long term for a health club environment to be involved in so she could form friends outside of school in a positive sporting environment.
So this year was a year of new for both her school and sport. 

She has been playing representative hockey for a few years and this year with the move and many more girls participting she might not have been seen as good enough by the decision makers this year to play representative hockey.

So after 3 trial days, 95 girls attending, and total exhaustion on her part, she was picked in the team putting her in the top 16 girls in our new province.  I have to say right here and now I was stunned, and excited, to see her picked.  I know that my daughter is good and well skilled.  She trains hard, listens carefully and is really brave out there on the turf.  The reality this year was that she was relatively unknown this year which just might have made a difference.  I had been trying to tell her she needed to dream that she was good enough to trial and be picked but also if she was not picked it was only those three men decision and next year was another year.  A very fine line of support to give.

Anyway to cut a long story short.  Her team played their first game in the weekend.  My very excited but somewhat nervous daughter put on her new strip and off she went.

Now I just have to remember to actually take my camera out when I am watching her play so that I can get some action shots.

So I guess that the moral of my little post is to make sure you dream.  You just never know, it just might come true.