Sunday, 11 January 2009

Project 365 Day 10 and 11

In an effort to keep my photos up to date here I am at 9.30pm blogging when I really should be catching up on some sleep.

Anyway Day 10 photo is of a grove of Manuka (Tee) trees just across the road from my sister place out at Maraitai. As we were driving out there I was hoping to catch a shot of the Pohutukawa Coast in full bloom. Unfortunately no flowers and grey skies made for dull photo. Fortunately across the road from her house are these wonderful native trees of New Zealand. I love the natural long straight line these trees have. They remind me of growing up and my father using the branches of this tree to steak up tomato plants.

So here they are.

Day 11 is the day that we celebrated my DS2 5th birthday. He actually turns 5 in a weeks time but circumstances made it so that today was the party. It was a pool party and he requested a jungle and dinosaur cake. Thank you to the Australian Womens Weekly Children s Cake book I found the design and although it was very humid and sticky and the icing was starting to melt off here was the result.

Actually there was so much to write about today I promise to sit down and do just that.