Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fridays Fabuous Finds # 31

This week I was already to post this on Friday....really organized I was....and blogger was not co operating.

Anyway I am here for today with some great links.

  • I think that this you tube video speaks for himself.

  •  I am looking at lots of new blogs at the moment.  I stumbled across Meet at Mikes.  I love it.  It is worth putting just a little time aside to take a look at her retro feel blog.
  • I am in the market for some fridge magnets and I think I might have just found some DIY ones.
  • Since my One Little Word for the year is Happiness I thought I would share this article from Life Optimizer
  • Finally since I am plodding away at my garden I thought that a watering system should be planned for.  So here we go with a few ideas.  I think some people are so creative.