Thursday, 6 November 2014

Stairs at last.

We have spent most of this winter just gone without stair that lead from our garage onto the deck that leads to indoors.  Now that the weather is warming up we have finally decided what to do with regard to stars and a wrap around custom made stairs are the plan.  We have googled it (yup thats right), found the you tube video that was similar and my DH set to it.  We are novices when it comes to building.  Everything we know we have taught ourselves.

While I am busy at work my stairs get slowly cut and prepared for assembly.  The weekend arrives and the one child in my house who will never have the capacity to hold down any job (due to his disabilities), is the only one keen to help.  With his battery powered tools and a keen eye he imitates the job.  I just love the intensity at which he is observing the work at hand.

When the deck is painted I will post a photo.