Monday, 9 November 2009

The Low Life that Broke into my House.

I am grumpy.  Some low life kicked our front door in and took our TV.  I know that it could have been much worse, we could have lost a lot more, had damage and worse but .....  Now my space feels violated and my safely compromised.

My husband is away with work and I am at home alone with the children.  I wonder now if the low life will be back for more so I am busy making sure my computer is backed up and any other temptations are out of sight.  Who knows what else might go.  My husband is not back from his long haul trip until Thursday so fingers crossed nothing else will happens.

So here is the space for the TV

Here is the temporary fix for the front door.  All I can say is that the door is quite dated and door knob is broken.  We were not going to replace it but now we have to get a new front door as this one is broken and we really have little choice but to replace the knob.  That was not in the budget.


I hope that they do not come back as I could not go through this a second time while DH is away.  Wont his txt message give him a surprise when he lands in Hong Kong latter tonight.

So to the low life that came uninvited into my house and stole from us.  I hope you enjoy our TV.  I hope you put the money you make from it to good use and don't waste it on meaningless life activities such as feeding a habit. 

Monday Menu 9 November

Welcome to my Monday Menu.  This week I am trying to use up the leftover and frozen meals in my house.  They are accumulating and need using so the menu will be an easy prepare.

Monday.  Frozen Pie and salad  of course it wont be frozen when we eat it.

Tuesday  Leftover chicken with homemade chips and peas

Wednesday  From the freezer sheppards pie and frozen mixed veges

Thursday  More of yesterdays with more veges.

Friday  Hamburgers

Saturday  Cranking up the bbq and having a traditional bbq with the children.

Sunday Any leftovers.

I will be all frozen mealed out by the end of the week.