Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I am back in the groove

I have been busy making excuses about not exercising.  The best, and real, one is that I need to push Hayden in the Buggy (when DH is away for work) and he is getting too heavy for me.  Each time I went out I would end up with a sore lower back and that was that for the next three weeks til I tried again.  Of course there are all the others.....DH is away and I am too tired, there is not enough time to fit it in, I dont want to go etc etc.

Anyway according to my goals for this year that I wrote about in this post i thought that today would be the day to get back into action.  I am now suffering for my efforts and that is not because I had to push the buggy but because my body is complaining of shock.  Yup....I am stiff.

Hopefully I have recovered enough for my next pilates, tomorrow and walk/ run on Saturday.

I will stay on top this time....yeah I know it is winter here and it will be a challenge but I am taking control of things.  I am aiming to complete a 10km walk  or maybe a 5km run.  I will see how I go.

This is the internal battle the exercising is part of. 
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