Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Grassy Knoll

The yard at our house is a work in progress.  Now we have the paddock/ now lawn under control I am about to tackle the grassy knoll.  Really this part of our yard is the large pile of clay with a little top soil mixed in that is leftover from digging the hole for the water tank we installed. 

(Here the digger is creating the pile of clay)

It was too difficult to spread out over my uneven lawn places so I have decided that a grass knoll is the way to go.....the way to make the very unsightly space look more pleasing to the eye.

To be honest it was difficult to even imagine that anything would grow on clay I thought that I would start with a sample area as we were getting very close to summer and the idea that clay would induce plant growth at any time was tricky to imagine.

So I purchase a little wild seed pack and sprinkled, watered and then crossed my fingers and wondered what would happen.  By some miracle some grass grew. Of course the space was still unsightly but just imagine what it looked like with nothing except a clay layer.

A little disappointed that no wild flowers were there.  That was all before Christmas.  Now it is the end of February and I find the wild flowers still small, but slowly emerging from their clay bed.

If you look closely you can see a few specks of colour from the flowers. 

So what does that mean for my grass knoll.  I think that come autumn I am going to treat my clay with a little organic matter and mow the grass once the flowers have seeded.  I now a little more research is needed and come next spring I am going to give this another go.  I am sure in this part of my yard a little wild flower spot will look spectacular.  I guess though like with any good thing it is going to take some time to make it work just how I imagine.