Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Monday Menu 6 August (posted on the 7 August)

Here is this weeks menu.

Monday  Devilled Sausages on rice.

Tuesday  Cold corned beef with baked potato and salad

Wednesday  meatloaf (got sausage meat in the freezer which needs using) with green salad.

Thursday  meatballs on spaghetti

Friday  frittata and salad

Saturday  chicken curry 

Sunday  Leftovers

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July in Numbers

Here is my month in numbers.

July was one really busy month.  You would have thought with a two week school holiday break I would not feel like I have just run a marathon.  Then when I sat down to looks at my notes for this post I was left thinking that I must have been exaggerating about my month.  Who knows but this is what it looked like.

6 weeks after our little airport car (DH works at the airport) we finally get it back and it is looking like nothing had happened to it thank goodness.

14 days of school holidays during the winter school holiday.  It was cold but fine with those chrystal clear winter days.  -1 being the lowest morning temperature.  The frost in the cows water trough was so frosty it was still icy at 10 in the morning.

2 children spend on wet day during the holidays telling me that they are baking and they know what they are making.  So I sit back and let the excited duo go to it.  At the end of the mornings baking, two different batches of cookies later my kitchen was completely cover in dishes of the dirty variety.

1 is the number of days Hayden had to spend in hospital with a last ditch effort to prevent the need for surgery.  An all day stay in Day Stay at Starship Hospital hooked up to a fluid to thin blood just incase the blockage was a stubborn blood clot.   Luckily we had the help of the Clown Doctors to entertain us as well as the Play Therapists

This school term is seeing a committment to 4 consequitive days of hockey for McKenzie each week.  I am not sure who it is harder on, her or me.  This effort is partly her club team and partly for her Auckland representive team.  Luckily it her that loves her hockey.  Pity her little 11 year old mouth is not coping so well.

McKenzie player her 1st representative game of hockey this year.  Not a pretty photo but all I have at the moment.  I have to say after moving associations it sure looks strange with her dressed in blue and white and not the Counties Manukau colours of red, black and white.

1 is the number of new all terrain buggies the Health system of New Zealand has generously provied us with so that I can continue to take Hayden out when I exercise and when the saturday sport is rudely early and his medication is not finished.  He looks very little in it but I know he will never out grow it as he is unlike to grow any taller than 140cm.

143 photos is what I took in July.  I am trying to capture a reflection of daily life.

and finally a little bit of everyday life

2 is the number of alarm clocks I have in my bedroom far across the other side so they are not turned off in my sleep.  One is set for 0130hrs and the other for 0530hrs. 

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