Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Getting Organised.

When my husband is away I notice how organised I need to be so help life function smoothly especially when I am working like I am this week for 4 days.  These things are especially important as Haydens morning rountine to eat, and be medicated takes 2 and a bit hours.  Very little can get done in this time.

So here is my list of the things I do to stay organised.

1.  I run a full and up to date diary

2.  I plan my menu every monday, check out my posts, so that my supermarket shop is accurate and I am able to cook without having to think the dreaded question "What shall we have for diner?"

3.  I do at night what I might ordinarily do in the morning.  Things such as lunches prepared, washing washed and ready to hang for the morning, all communication books etc filled in.

4.  Diner is cooked if need be the night before.

5.  I make use of my lunch breaks at work to make necessary phone calls.

6.  The children have chores which will help them know what is happening in their day and help the day run smoothly.