Saturday, 22 May 2010

All Tied Up

Learning to tie shoe laces is an difficult challenge children face. It takes persistence and patience to get past the firt step, the knot.

This day Andre took a look at his laces and to his surprise, he saw two tied shoes. Tight enough to keep his shoes on while he walked. Well for a little while anyway. It has taken about three weeks to get to this stage. He has to have a go first and then I tighten the laces good enough for a day at school.

Andre   Look Mum I have done it

Me    Done what?

Andre   Mum look. I have done my shoe laces

 Me   (A squeal of excitement) Fantastic Andre. Let me look.

Andre   Will you take a photo?

I guess that is the sign of a child in a scrapbooking home.

And so when in a scrabooking home you also get the page.

The credits for this page can be found here at Nuts4Digi