Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Holidays.

It is the school holidays so my blogging has got very slack. These two weeks have been full of adventure, the at home and day trip variety.

We have been hiking, kite flying, box carting, ferry riding and exploring the military caves of North Head. The children have been baking, and chalk drawing, climbing trees and to the movies. We have had visitors, done some gardening and constructed a worm farm.

Phew I get exhausted just thinking about it. DH has done a little more painting, I have made some bedroom curtains and have taken DS1 to hospital for neurology appointment and to have blood taken from his port a cath. Oops it has failed and it looks like he is in for some more surgery....yuck.

DS1 has had a week in respite care so I have had some mornings to sleep in and sleep through the night which is always fabulous.

I hope all your holidays have been fun and full of adventure like ours.

Watch out for some more photos but here is a LO taken with the children paddling in the sea after taking a ferry ride to Devonport from Auckland City.

The credits are here at Nuts4Digi