Saturday, 15 March 2014

Fridays Fabulous Five #50

  • First up a little bit of fun.  Turn your favourite quote into a piece of art here at recite 
  • Jackson Pollacks art is spotty to say the least.  So have a go and make your own Jackson look a like.
  • If you enjoyed hunger games then this list of books you might like too.
  • Then these incredible wood carvings.
  • Finally since winter is not too far away these crock pot recipes might come in handy.
Have a great weekend.

Lifes learning moments

Life is full of learning moments.  Children as much as anybody have so much to learn, not only accademically but about life in general.

So now that my lovely daughter has been selected to play in her schools first XI hockey team there will be some important lessons.  She will need to be tolerant of those who are less skilled than her.  She will need to get used to playing in many different positions and adapt quickly.  Then there are the big girls, more aggressive girls and more so not being in the best team on the day (maybe a lot of the time).

On the postive side of things she, unlike her hockey club team mates, will get lots of playing time.  It will make her really hockey fit.  She will have to read the games for others and learn how to impart her knowledge of the game without offending others.  Finally she will have to earn their respect which will be vital in making a postive team culture.

I hope that she is up for the challenge.

(McKenzie stretching her legs out after a two day 4 game tournament)