Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Monday Menu 11 July

Here is this weeks menu.  It is difficult at the moment to do a decent menu as we are sharing a house with a fussy eater.  Here I go anyway.

Monday   Sweet and Sour Stir Fry

Tuesday  Ginger Noodles and Vege

Wednesday    Thai Style Stir Fry

Thursday  Crockpot Provencal Beef

Friday  Thai style pumpkin soup

Saturday  Hamburgers

Sunday   Pasta Bake

I am linking this to I'm an Organizing Junkie

My Cabin

My cabin is cold, it smells of fresh paint, and I have to go outside in the middle of the night to do Haydens medication.  But the end can be seen.  All going well we will own (well the bank will own it with us) a new home to live in.

So in 7 weeks time it will be goodbye to my cabin and welcome to a new home. 

I have been reminded of what I value in a home while I am using my cabin.  My need for a little me time, how I value the warmth during the winter and need space of my own to put my few things.

Here is your little view of my space. (Ok it is very hard to keep it immaculately tidy)

And finally the little trek I make to tend to Haydens needs very night.  Out the door, along the deck, down the steps, up the steps and then inside his cabin.  Only to return to my cabin 3 minutes later.  Just remember it is winter while I am doing this.  Thankfully it does not snow in Auckland.


Life is full of technology today.  Some of it I think that I could live without, well for a short time anyway, like my oven (Used my barbeque for all of 2010), I can even live without the TV, Computer, electricity just like when we go camping each January a book an unpowered site.  Here I must add that a pre requisite to camping for me is that the camping ground gives me access to a hot shower at the end of the day and a flushing toilet, no long drops for me).

There are some bits of technology I can't do without.  Well it is Hayden that can't do with it.  His pump that delivers his overnight food, has been throwing up errors all week interrupting both his fluid/ food intake and my sleep.  It has taken me about 7 days to realise that Hayden is not playing with the machine but the machine itself is playing up. Seven nights of limited sleep. 

So I am bought once again to understand why Hayden can not come camping with us, on the unpowered site.   Thankfully we have a replacement machine.  Hayden is now getting his full compliment of calories and fluids (to prevent the ever looming dehydration.).