Thursday, 7 August 2014

Without asking......

What is it about the world wide web that people think that they can lift other peoples images from anywhere and send/ use them as they like.  That they can take the images they want to make them say or mean something else than originally intended.  Maybe even make people think they own that image. But most hurtful is when that someone is a person you know.  That she they have used an image of yours without asking for permission (yes I am only a phone call or txt away) then it really hurts. 

What is about this generation of young people that they think they are untouchable from behind their smartphones and smart apps.  Where has the looking people in the face and watching their reactions become not important?

 (image source is here)

Just maybe the person receiving the image is now crying.

So from now on my images, yes my ordinary everyday images will have a water mark on them and this makes me really sad.