Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Eggs

I have to say we don't have too many traditions at Easter in our house. Going to Church and making Easter Eggs is about it.

This is the third year on Good Friday that my children and I have made marshmallow eggs and coated them in chocolate.

Each child has a turn to make their own marshmallow and participate in the mess task of coating everything in chocolate, and I really mean everything. So after a long and exhausting morning each child had complete their batch. I heard everything from... when is it my turn.... how much longer do i need to stir... when can I ....Is it time to ....really the list of questions was endless. When I sat down at the end of this I had to smile at how much fun each child had had. I smiled too at how this tradition had become something which my children can wait to participate in.

This is the first year that my DH has been home to participate in the egg making experience. Usually he is out of the country with work. I am not sure how happy he felt as crowd control was his department this year. Holding back the eager, and at times tetchy, participants does require patients.

Here is McKenzie coating her marshmallow with chocolate.

Hayden just loves using the beater and here he is at the final moments of making marshmallow

Finally Andre really had a ball doing his chocolate work.

Every Little Girl Deserves a Moment of Magic.

My DD is a real tom boy. You can find her, on any given moment, climbing trees, using a hammer and nails, riding bikes etc etc. So I was really delighted when I captured a moment in time when she loved looking like a real girls girl.

She has the need to wear a white dress at an event soon. This dress was all that could be found and has about 3 layers of petticoats, bows and everything a pretty girls dress should have. I must add here that if I had a choice about style this dress would not have been top of my list. Anyway on goes the dress and DD developed the most beautiful smile. She twirled around and glowed with happiness as she just loved the dress.

Latter I look her outside so I could take a photo or two and I have to say I am glad that she gets her moment in time to wear a dress that she thinks is magical.

Just look at that smile

Don't you love the spontaneous twirls that come with the dress.

I even had a go at a very artistic style of scrapbooking with one of the photos. Not my thing really but I love what I have come up with for a first try.

Here is Every Little Girl needs a Moment of Magic.

You can find the credits here at Nuts4Digi