Thursday, 11 December 2008


Gosh I has been sometime since I have blogged. No excuses really, but I will do my best to try and make some. Life is hectic. DD has just turn 8 and of course with that comes the party and such that newly 8 year olds like. Just a little party was had. The cake made by me then off to the beading place for a beading party. Necklaces was on the agenda and between the selecting the design to be made and the beads to be used, getting the instructions between the chatter chatter chatter that eight year olds can make. It really made me wonder what I am going to be in for when little miss becomes a tween or even a teen. I must make a note to myself that time on the telephone will become difficult for the adults of the house to access. Anyway DD loves the rare treat of going out for lunch. So Mum (me) and eight year olds all went to a cafe for lunch in their party dresses. What a sight.

How grown up she is becoming. After dropping the girls off home we were back to see the local Santa Parade.

Sunday just a perfect summers day. So we packed a picnic and ventured out on our first beach trip of the season. Kareotahi was a perfect spot that day. I bravely exposed my pale and somewhat neglected body to the elements, covered it with sunscreen. The para sailers floated over head, families played cricket and flew kites, children were building and digging in the sand and of course swimming. This beach is on the west coast of New Zealand and that makes the sand black and on a hot summers day black sand gets really hot.

Now don't get excited in thinking I was going to get wet. No... I did not go swimming. In fact I love swimming but the water has to be warm and trust me on Sunday I could not feel my ankles after only about 1 minute so that was it paddling and nothing more.

DD had a fab weekend. She loved everything she did and has started planning next years event. I am not sure if I should be happy that she is a planner and is trying to be organised or pensive that there are still 360 days till her 9th birthday and such a grand event can be planned in that time.

That is just the weekend. There are just 4 more days to write about but I will save that for another post.