Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Project 365 days 19 and 20

We sad to say by my PC will no longer be available to me as it needs a visit to the computer geek. That is not me as I would have been able to fix it myself. Perhaps skills in computer repairs should be on my list of things to do or acquire this year. Anyway this is the last of the photos I will be able to post for a little while. Be assured that I will still be taking photos and able to blog but photoless.

Day 20's photo is of two front wheels of my buggy. I need this for DS1 when I go out exercising as his ability to balance on a bike is not great. So my question to you all is how many punctures can one buggy get on any one day. I hear you all saying one on a really bad day. In my case two. Can you believe it. Two punctures within moments of each other was just incredibly bad luck. I have to admit that this was partially my fault because the buggy has 4 12 inch tyres of which two had very low tread on them. Of course the low tread spots were the ones where the punctures occurred but two punctures in one day. Just unbelievable. So here are the offensive tyres.

This was not a moment to forget. DS1 had to get out and we all walked home. Luckily we were not far from home and while DS1 has trouble riding a bike he can walk and run.

Day 20 was taken at Butterfly Creek. It is a great place to take children with more than just butterflies to look at. DD and DS2 where keen to get the butterflies to land on them. As you can see from the photo they posed for the butterflies but had little luck.

Not only that we saw a Giant Weta. Wow I wish I could have taken a photo of it because it was a large as my out stretched had.

Anyway that is all for now. The sun is shining and dinner needs getting.