Thursday, 6 October 2011

How much rain is too much?

I know that living on a block of land requiring rain to keep us in water is something new.  I know that we have been crossing our fingers and toes for a little rain to keep our water tank full until we can get the new one installed but really and truely the weather Gods truely took my hopeful thoughts way too litterally.  This was after about 15 minutes of really heavy rain and a dash of large hail balls.   Just take a look.

My husband out chicking the current water tank to make sure we are collecting maximum water.

A closer look and you can see the DIY moment as the water collection pipe is going to need futher repair on a dry day.  I can just see the children listening to 'dont't play with the wood please'.

Then ofcourse you find our yet to be grassed spot well watered.  I suppose when the seed goes in next week the sun will shine for weeks with no rain.