Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday Menu 19 December

Oh my this time next week Christmas will have been and gone and I guess we will be eating leftovers.

So taking all things into account here is my plan.

Monday  Corn fritters and Advocado Salsa

Tuesday  Beef stew in the crockpot

Wednesday  coconut beef stirfry on egg noodles

Thursday  We are having a family Christmas lunch at our place.  Here is my menu

Friday  ham and salad

Saturday   using leftovers to clear room in the fridge

Sunday  Christmas day buffet at Mum and Dads house. 

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Look what Toothpaste can do.

Yes I have been cleaning the windows in my house.  In fact I shifted into this house in September and it is the first time they have been cleaned since then.  Sadly I notice that next time I clean them I will need to leave a little more time because there are pain splatters all over them which will need to be removed.

Today, though, I came up with another problem, water stains on the glass.  The usual cleaning technology (vinegar and water) did not remove it.  Good old fashioned elbow grease did not work either.  So the internet then became my next best friend in the hope of finding a solution.  Of course you can't believe everything that is put into type and published on line but bearing this in mind a searching I did go.  Well every solution from highly toxic chemicals to house hold chemistry was to be found.  Me will I wanted to started at the house hold chemistry level and the easiest solution with all the necessary 'things' found at home.  You guessed it toothpaste.  In fact the post I saw on line even mentioned a brand which I also had.  I also needed a paint scratching blade thingy which I also had.

Oh me oh my it works a treat.   I bit of finger action to rub the toothpaste on the glass, a quick going over with the blade then some water and a cloth to wash it off and wow the stain was gone. 

The toothpaste on the window.

Me in action cleaning the window.

There is my clean window

So all you out there who have water stains on your glass look no futher than tooth paste.