Monday, 22 December 2008


My DS2 graduated from Preschool Friday. He no longer is a big fish among many others but in February will become a very little and new fish in a much larger school setting.

I must say that I was filled with many emotions as I sat there through his little ceremony. He was all dressed in cap and star clustered cape beside his teacher. He showed off his portfolio to the class smiling and received their cheers, songs and hugs.

On the other hand me....I was a mess. I should have taken tissues. I think I surprised myself. My last child, my baby is growing up. He has been through many an emotional journey while at his pre school. This was here he first left the precious place of home to spend time with someone other than me, this is where he expressed his joy at learning and anger at the world around him while his brother was seriously ill in hospital. This was the place he forged friendships and formed special bonds with the adults at the centre after we ripped him dramatically out of his secure life in Brunei to a country he had never visited and didn't know anyone else. This is the place where he started to emulate his brothers behaviour which was far from idea as his brother was recovering from a brain injury and the behaviours were less than ideal to mimicking.

I know I am excited about the future for my son but sad that this little chapter in his life is over. I cried because he is now so independent and come out the end of a very difficult little journey and has done it so well. I makes me smile, with tears, when I see his joy at learning, his keenness to discover the world of numbers and words and his fascination at the world around him.

I guess most of all I cried because I could.

Here is a LO I I created celebrating this moment is DS2 life.

credits kit is art 101 by Lindsay Jane Designs and font is travelling typewriter