Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Final Push to Move

There is nothing like a little stress to knock a few kilogrammes off your weight and add a few sleepless nights to the list. Along with trying make sure everything for Hayden is under control and that things will work seemlessly. 

This is the first time we have moved house since Hayden became disabled.  I had not really sat down to think what moving him would mean, especially when it comes to his mail.  After much thought it dawned on me that itwe have decided that it is not worth the effort trying to move his mail again so I organised a Post Office Box.  It will mean that when we move again Haydens mail will be safe in the P O Box and I wont be missing any appointments, community service cards etc.

(source flickr)

So yeah to the PO Box and the easy moment I have created for the next and every other move we make.  No more to mail to move.....well that is once we have changed all of this lot of addresses.
Now with each box packed and labled so we can find things in a hurry one last look at our house, the 13 May we said goodbye to this part of our life and onto something new.