Sunday, 18 April 2010


We all know that fences are for keeping children safe and dogs in even making property look great.  Of course there is the decorative side to having a fence.  They can be old and new, made of wood, brick or even corigated iron. In my case the keeping children safe thing a priority. So when it comes to Hayden things can get a little tricky as he is a flight risk from our property.  Infact it has got very serious because he climbed the fence onto the roof and 3 minutes later climbed our 7 foot fence to the neighbours property.

All these photos are of fences surrounding our 1100sq/m section.

  The fence that is old.

Fence that is new.

The new fence.

The offending fence that was climbed.

Here is the perspective of the fence of me, (164cm) standing on the garden by the fence Hayden climbed over. have no idea how stressful this has become. At no time now can I think that Hayden is safe in our property unless he is asleep.

Now to come up with a solution so I dont have to lock him inside all the time and find a moment for me to destress.