Tuesday, 6 May 2014

It is all about colour

It really is about perception of space when it comes to paint and indoor space.  While I am no expert when it comes to colour and design but as my house is under going a complete colour change.  A previous owner had painted feature walls with heavy bold colours.  Black walls with heavy black curtains....lets not forget the canary yellow family room.  Yes every wall canary yellow.  In fact every room in the house had a feature wall equally bold as the black.  Each room had black curtains.  I had always joked that a colour blind person had last painted our house.

I had always thought that living where we do, in the countryside that the colour canvas should be from outside the windows.  You know, the green grass and barren trees in the winter and in the summer the browning grass, green trees and flowers.

So we are painting neutral walls and boy does the outside really come into us now.  The curtains are still to be replaced but I can't wait.

So you can see what I am talking about here is the blue feature room in my daughters room (couldn't find the right photo to show the black walls).  We just emptied her room on Monday.

Here are the cathedral ceilings that are the feature in half the house.  Each beam was sanded primed a number of times and then top coated twice.  My husband did a great job of that.

Of course the final colour is  as you can see. 

Colour has made just the most incredible difference in our house.  I will try and write more about it we finish dressing all the rooms.