Thursday, 30 July 2009

I have a birthday

I am not usually a person to discuss the fact that I am getting older but I have been thinking about getting older and life in general.

Just sometimes when life is going faster than me, do I feel way down low. Why? Who knows but what I do know is that in those moments I sense this deep down feeling of grief and loneliness. Maybe it is my inner self telling me I need to I need to stop, take a breath, find a space and time for myself and reflect. So this year as my birthday nears, yes just a couple of days away, and I become another year older and hopefully wiser, I want to make a list. This list is the way that I intend on make a positive difference in my life. So when I hit low points I can reflect positively upon all my achievements.

The List

1. Take time for myself every week. Just a little to gather my thoughts and reflect upon how lucky I am.

2. Look after myself by exercising even if it is only just half an hour each time I go out.

3. Have fun and laugh more. See how inventive I can be when it comes to this.

4. Go out and enjoy life.

Okay this list is not very comprehensive but it is something I can build on.

Here is a page I made showing this sentiment.

The credits for this page are here at Nuts4Digi