Sunday, 5 April 2009

DD's homework

The homework my DD has this year is not the traditional variety at all. I am not sure what it's purpose is but it sure does take up heap of time. You will remember I posted earlier about the poster she, oops I mean I, had to make for homework. It was supposed to be done in an hour but these things needs heaps more time than the teacher anticipates.

Anyway last week it was cooking of some variety and this week this week it was to make a 3D model, a poster or a plan of a classroom. I have to admit none of them could be completed easily and with very little of my help. So after much discussion DD and I decided on a plan, of an ideal classroom. She drew a draft and I could see that it would take heaps of time to make the final copy. So I decided the computer was the way to go.

Firstly we went here so she could make her own printing into a font. Then with her direction I placed everything into the Photoshop programme. In 20 minutes this is what we got.

credits; everything is from Life365 by WW along with DD printing made into the font.

I have to say that I am not a believer that homework should need so much of my help but to get the job done this needed my input.

Since this was handed in I have been thinking that perhaps DD needs to learn Photoshop so that when her next homework project needs the computers help she will be able to have a go herself.

As for DD she was very excited at the way her homework turned out and really wants to learn how to do this herself.