Friday, 12 February 2010

Fridays Fabulous Five 12 February

Let me link you up.

Five favourite blogs to visit are in my house are:

1.  First up is be AUDacious blog.  I love the variety and passion that is bought to blogging.  I love the hints for great journalling and the lovely way the author has with words.

2.  I love actions for my photoshop.  Well I like the idea of them so when my computer comes back I am going to teach myself how to make the most of the photos I have taken by visiting CoffeesShop

3.  Something with diverse posts just keeps me coming back at Small Notebook

4.  Not for me but my children love this site and I love the fact that the it is very safe.  FunBrain

5.  Finally the blog that is inspiring me to be organised.  I'm an Organising Junkie

So go out and visit some of these.  There just might be something that takes your interest.

Something to ponder

I guess the problem with having an empty diary is that I achieve less than when I am so busy I cant finish everything.  This is highlighted to me by this quote....

"The problem with doing nothing is that you don't know when you're finished." 

Now to get busy doing everything I wished I had time to do before I get so much work I will not have any days off during the week.  I have made a list of things that I would love to do this year.

1.  Complete a womans ten km walk.

2.  Read a novel a month.

3.  Discover a new music single that I love every month.

4.  Work out how a date night with my husband will work in our house and put it into action.

5.  Introduce the RAK idea into my house for my family as a start.  Make a list of the little things that will bring smiles to their faces.

Thats it for today.  Have a great one.