Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wordless Wednesday 1 September

Here is my Wordless Wednesday post.  My post this week would not be current if it was not taken in reference to this post.

101 Hospital Entertainment

So I missed my Friday blog spot about hospital entertainment.  This souly because I was busy using these skills and many more while I was sitting there with my son who had caught a grastro bug and for him this can be fatal.  this time nothing so extreme was imminent.

Anyway  I got a chance to retest all I have posted about.  Of course it all starts with the important hospital bag...

It is full of all the necessary supplies from the art and craft thing I might need at a moments notice to hospital teddy, a book to read all the personal needs and of course that list saying what I must put in at the last moment and an open letter.   Without this the night I spent in the hospital with Hayden would have been less comfortable that it was. 

This bag is kept packed at all times ready for the next visit.  I had been caught so many times without even a tooth brush or a change of clothes that this was necessary.  When my other children were much smaller they each had a little bag with a list of thing to pack in case their Dad was away and Hayden was rushed into hospital and they needed to spend the night with their grandparents.

So onto the photos of what it is like with Hayden when he is sick.

So he is sick enough to want to watch the little DVD player we take with us.  You can see he has been pricked for blood from his fingers twice at this stage, hooked up to IV fluids and has hospital teddy to keep him company.

Finally he is feel just a little better.  He is hooked up to both fluids via his peg and Iv fluids, the glove games have been in action and he has spent a little time drawing.  This is only the first day of his stay.

I found that the there are a couple more games Hayden really liked so will post them in the next couple of weeks.