Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The big 45

I thought that with my 45th birthday looming closer, in August, it was time to take control, embrace life a little more and decide on some goals that I might just be able to have and go and have fun along the way.

So here goes
* take a photography course even if it is on line
* try and trek more in the Hunuia Rangers
* Get to the snow and have fun
* read a book a month
* listen to more music and enjoy it
* get out and exercise more
* got out for dinner with DH once a month at a minimum
* do a 10km walk in the summer (start planning now)
* find a funny movie to watch a share with the family
* make a photo book for this year
* get together with an old friend I have just caught up with on facebook
* take the children to the museum
* start a vege garden
* entertain at home
* have a picnic at Wenderholm in the summer
* have a date night with DH at home in the fire light
* sort out all the photos we have
* create a wall display of our photos

So a created a permanent reminder of what I am going to try and embrace

The credits for this page can be found here at Polkadotplum

Now I sit here with a new novel to read I can start on one of the goal before my birthday even arrives.  Nothing like a few new challenges in life.