Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday 31 October

Here is my photo.  Hmmmm I think it has rained too much in the last week.

The only saving grace is that we collect our rain water in tanks for drinking and so we will start the summer with full tanks.

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The Firsts

The moment of firsts in any house is usually full of excitements.  You know the list
  • a first smile
  • frist crawlling
  • frist steps
  • first tooth
  • first words
  • first food

really in life the list of does not stop.

In our house a first has been fulling my daughters head space since the beginning of the school term....her first school dance.  Last friday my tom boy (I mean that really lovingly) got dressed in our party gear and off she went.  She really is growing up. 

Her school has said that the fierls must wear a skirt or a dresss and that statement threw us into a spin.  Apart from one too small denim skirt and outfit needed to be found.  I could live with that, the shops to find one, within budget, dress.

Oh no my list of one purchase quickly grew.  Who knew that 11 year old girls  could need want so much to go to a school dance.  Take a look

  • a dress
  • hair cut
  • hairstraighteners
  • make up
  • jewellery
  • just the right shoes
This list is just because the others all have/ are going to according to one 11 year old
Then as the day drew closer the list grew some more

  • girls to stay over
  • time at the mall the next day
Before I knew it, the very simple dance, turned into a major production consuming half of my weekend which was already busy enough.  Who could believe it.

Luckily I had a lot of prior warning about the dress and had one put away and McKenzie was due for a hair cut so I timed that to coincide with the dance but as for the rest......hmmmmm we simply made do with what we had and me the taxi driver had minimum work on.

As I dropped little miss 11 off there were some little points I noted.  When I am told everyone, in future I will read that as one person I know, unless I have seen or know differently

I am pleased to tell you all that I dropped one very excited girl off to the dance where about 500 well behaved Year 7 and 8 tween/ teen agers danced away a few hours.  The girls all looked great in their dresses and the boys typically looked good in their jeans and shirts.  I turned up at 9.30 to collect her and was pleased to see the whole hall pulsing.

While there was plenty of excitement in my house surrounding this event the stress and pressure on me was somewhat overwhelming.  When next time arrives I will be ready for the onslaught of 'but  the others have got/ are doing'. 

(Sadly my photos were taken in the twilight and I have to work out how to mimimise the shadows)