Saturday, 1 January 2011

A New Year and a Fresh Start

So with the first day of the New Year almost over I am prompted to post my challenges I will participate in.  They hopefully will help me achieve my goals and help me stay focused.  So without any drum rolls here they are......

  • challenge my self each week to do something new.  This is a life project.  Read more about it here
  • as for reading more I thought that I would find an easy to achieve challenge to start with.  I am yet to find one but am happy to have someone recommend one to me
  • to add to my Monday Menu planning I am going to regularly add a new recipe to my list comment on it and add to a post "My family loves this recipe'

I  think that is enough of a start and as today is the first of the month here I am picking up the first book I have read for 11 months.  I know nothing heavy but I love escapism in reading so here it is.