Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas is almost here

Can you believe it ..... Christmas is almost here.  Each year when the Christmas season is here I try and come up with a great craft for my children to do.  One that we can keep getting out year after year.  This year will be no exception.  So I have gathered together a range of craft activities that can be done.  As of yet I am to decide what will actually be the 'one' but I am sure I will become inspired.  But I have come across something just to get my thought process in action.  I thought that I would share some of them here and add more as I come across them.

Advent calendars

A summary of Advent calendars on The Crafty Crow

This thread at The DigiChick has some great ideas for Advent Calendars and such like

A paper heart craft by Reese Dixon

Flower Ornament found on How About Orange

And then this list at kidspot with too many to show one at a time so I thought A link to the page would do the job.

I would love to find more so please link me up with your favourite.