Friday, 21 October 2011

The New Water Tank Part One

We have been waiting sometime to put together the cash to finish installing the water tank and today was the day to being phase two.

The Little Yellow Digger needed to return to finish the hole and help us find the feeding water pipe.  While at our place a couple of other jobs were finished too but that is another story.  As you can see we have an exsisting concret tank from the 1980's.  While there is nothing wrong with that tank Haydens medical condition uses a lot of water through washing and flushing the toilet etc.

Behind the fence the hole is for the next much bigger tank.  Then the little bit of grass that is good enough to mow was defaced because we needed to find that all important pipe.  Hmmmmm more mud created.

So back to the hole.  In rolls the digger.

He increases the depth and width of the hole that we had there already.  Of course it is always worth a look I say.

Especially when this is what the action looks like.

So tomorrow I will post Part two with it all in site and my wonderful helpers.