Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday 4 June

My DD wants to be fit for her hockey.  So hill running was it this weekend just gone.

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Mondays Menu 2 June

Here is my menu for this week.

Monday  Roasted chicken (in a bag) with baked potato and salad.

Tuesday  bacon and egg pie with green salad

Wednesday  beef stirfry with soy and ginger sauce on noodles

Thursday  vegetable and chickpea hot pot.

Friday  DH choice as it is his birthday

Saturday  curry chicken pasta

Sunday  leftovers

bacon and egg pie made by me.

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Teen girls and their Phones.

VWhat is it about teenage girls and their phones and why is it that they need to take selfies all  the time?

My daughter did not get her smart phone until she was a tweenager, and making the hour long bus trip to and from school each day. Even at that point all she was able to do on her phone wad text and make the emergency phone call. DD has some basic rules to start with....no phone at social functions or while doing homework. If school confiscates the phone I will not be racing in to get it. Phone is up on the bench during dinner and after 6pm. Of course the rules have adapted over time but the core is still there.

 Ultimately the thing that my daughter was encouraged to do was to use her phone respectfully.  Respectful of the rules, of other people and her own privacy.  Thankfully I have a wonderful now 13 year old who seems to respectfully use her phone.  The selfies she takes are on her phone and she blue tooth them to friends.  She is not on any social media sites as she says she does not have time and not on instagram. 

Of course you have to love the occasional selfie.  The one above she took just this last weekend.

I guess I still do not understand why DD takes so many selfie but from what I see she is respectful with her phone and photos so what more would I want.