Tuesday, 6 July 2010

10 Smiles

I alway like to remind myself of things that make me smile.  It really makes me feel grateful for everything I have.  So here they are as a permanent reminder.

1.  I smile when I see my children achieving things they really have working for.

2.  I smile when the sun is shining and there is nothing pressing to be done.

3.  I smile when I see life just falling into place.

4.  I smile when the I can smell freshly cut grass on a spring day.

5.  I smile when I get 'that' perfect moment caught on camera forever preserved.

6.  I smile for every month that Hayden has no other reason to be at the hospital other than to see just one of his specialists.

7.  I smile when I am reminded of just how lucky we are in our life.

8.  I smile I hear my husband tell me he loves me and of course I love him.

9.  I smile when I am surround by my family.

10.  I smile just be cause I can that is a great thing to do.