Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A day in Daystay at Starship Hospital

Hayden has been in hospital today for a renal function test.  I had a lot of time to fill while he was waiting for the different blood tests he had to have over the course of 5 hours.  That does not include the hour before it all started that was needed to get his port a cath accessed so we had a point to draw the blood from.

So this is how our time looked like today.

First step is the port a cath which needs to be put it.  I does not hurt as all the nerves have been quarterised.

Starship hospital from the inside and the playground in the foreground which filled in some of the time.  I got time to admire the paint job from the Atrium.

Of course no stay in hospital is complete without stickers and some paper.

Luckily there was a holiday programme free to attend.  So Hayden made a flying fish kite and did some colouring in .

There of course was the cutting and gluing but I forgot to take a photo of that and the long walks too and from one side of the hospital to other to kill some time.

It sure is not a test to be repeated as it makes for a very long day.