Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday Menu 27 June

Monday   meatloaf, baked potatoe and salad

Tuesday   curried chickpea and potato patties with salad

Wednesday   fajita

Thursday   crock pot - apricot chicken (my own recipe)

Friday   pizza

Saturday   Italian beef and lentil soup

Sunday   leftovers


Still on the theme of those gloves I have a new idea for you....Finger puppets.

You will need:
one pen or marker
one glove

Now cut the fingers off the glove

Then do what comes naturally, draw on the fingers.

and finally the puppet modelled not by my key target, Hayden but McKenzie because he was too busy chasing cats outside.

I find this really useful for entertainment naturally but also talking about the things that are going to happen or have been happening to Hayden.  He loves it when he is control of a puppet or two and I have one too.  He tries to tell how the puppet is feeling this way giving me a little insight to how things are looking from his point of view.