Friday, 27 May 2011

In hospital again

The first day of the school term, I had work and Haydens school rings me at morning tea time to say that he is not well, he is vomiting.  I listen hard to what they say, excuse myself profusely from my days work and go collect him from school.  Sure enough I needed to take Hayden to hospital and naturally he was rapidly dehydrating as I took him into the hospital. I know for sure IV fluid and electrolyte balance medication will be required.

It had been many years since Hayden had been this sick before winter even started and I was really taken unaware.  DH was away overseas for work and it took a lot of planning to organise life for my other children so I could be with Hayden.

Naturally my rusty hospital entertainment skills swung into action and I was able to test out a few more ideas.

Firstly to add to my bag of tricks I needed to put a balloon and top up the little toilet bag I have for Hayden to play with.  It is the sort that you get off when you are travelling internationally by plane.   All sorts of goodies come in handie.  The bag I have has a pair of socks, toothbrush and paste ( Hayden loves brushing his teeth), lip balm, comb etc.  All things to have a little fun with.

Luckily Kids First Hospital have a wonderful team of play specialists who were on hand to help me entertain Hayden for nearly 4 days.  I can tell you that in addition to what I provided I have seen the same Barney (yes Hayden is stuck in a time warp and loves this character) DVD for two days solid.  I could just about repeat the dialogue verbartum.  Hayden was stuck in bed for three days unable to get out because he was hooked up to an IV pump through his port a cath, which really frustrated him and as he was unable to be medicated for his servere ADHD and feeling grotty certainly did not help.

So here is what a hospital stay looks like for Hayden and me

Hayden and I have just arrived in hospital and are waiting for the special nurse to insert the port a cath needle so bloods can be taken and IV fluids inserted.

After quite sometime waiting I drag out the latex hospital glove, fill it with water and we play a catching game.

The next day he is not a happy person and is giving Hospital Teddy plenty of hugs in between the nausia.

Of course I am not looking my best in hospital.  The bed by the window is had and drafty.  I am woken everytime something needs to be done, such as bloods or take his vital statistics etc.  It is not a good look.

On the final bedridden day Hayden is sure looking a little happier.  Here is with the next best thing to do with a vomit bag.  Hayden loves it.