Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fridays Fabulous Finds #23

What a week.  At last the school holidays are here and I am ready for a break for the busy routine of the school term.

Here are my links for this week.

1.  Creating fun survival kits as gifts is something new for me and I made a couple today.  Here are a some links you might like to give you an idea or two.
         Try  Survival kit as gift Ideas
         this forum quest has quite a few  links to look at.
         Then from here a fantastic list to look through

2.  Now if you have pre schoolers in your house and like retelling stories.  Then perhaps The Three Little Pigs might just be on your list now.

3.  An article about cell phones an children.  This one has become of interest to me as my daughter is going away for the first time on an 8 day camp and they have to take their own phone to commicate with home should the need arise.

4.  How about using rubber bands to decorate a present.  Might just be a little fun.

5.  How about this little beauty as a home made gift.