Sunday, 30 October 2011

Moving the Pool Part 3

As you would have read here and here just on a month ago we moved the swimming pool in our new house out of the ground.  I don't know if I said before but it needed to be moved for the safety of everyone but especially Hayden.  You could get access to the pool from every ranch slide in the house.  In the middle of summer those doors would be unlikely to stay shut thus a huge safety risk.  Also space.  We live on 1 1/2 acres and had no yard....this had to be fixed.

So the pool sat in our yard for sometime until I got into get to sell it on Trademe.  This is a site like Ebay.

Rather an eye sore if I might say so.

So after 10 plus enquiries the pool sold.  We were so excited that it would be gone and that we would have a few dollars to easily finish the last of the jobs before summer really arrives.

This is how the pool left our property

In comes the truck, it braces itself, gets its crain ready, attaches strops and chains.

The pool is drained of water and lifted onto the truck.  It is a tight fit but does the job.

The pool is situated lopsided on the truck because of our driveway.  It is going to overhang our fence line.  It is a really tight fit, it even scratched a little mud off the bottom of the pool.

Then finally there is the tight 90 degree turn to navigate. The pool needed to be repositioned on the truck to get around the corner.

We all stood there heaving a huge sigh of relief.  Please that it left our house in one piece and that the truck was able to get around the corner.

Now our yard is looking like this.  The photo was taken this evening.  Hmmm all that grass will have  to be sowed and mowed but that will be for next weekend.