Sunday, 29 December 2013

Why is it.....?

(source Tiger Philosphy)

Why is it just sometimes I feel really lonely.  At the moment I can not tell why or how this came about but I guess it has been brewing for some time.  Maybe it is because I am tired.  Maybe because I feel isolated and limited by what we can do in life with my disabled son.  Maybe I just need a holiday.Whatever it is it is time to do something about it.

In my house the first challenge is finding someone who can look after Hayden in the evenings so we can go out.  Maybe that is my challenge.  I have been thinking about it the wrong way around.  Perhaps we can have people come around and do the entertaining and that way keep up with the world outside of the house.  Maybe I need to work harder at finding a good baby sitter as that seems to be the biggest problem.

Maybe it really is all about the state of relationships inside my house at the moment and I need to spend a little time reflecting and working on them. 

Whatever it is it is time to take action and start by loving myself a whole lot more.