Tuesday, 5 February 2013

December '12 and January '13 in Numbers

I can't believe that I have been keeping my numbers for a whole year.  December has gone and here is my post finally out of the drafts file and ready to go with January taggedon the end.

  • 2 birthday parties organised.  DD turned 12 and DS2 had an early party as we are away for his birthday when he turns 9.

  • 3 Christmases we attended.  All family ones and I have to say by the time the last one came around we were well Christmassed out.

  • 3 children finished school for the year.  They were very tired and grumpy and very please that the summer holidays are finally here.

  • DH was away with work for 14 days right over Christmas.  We did a skype Christmas morning which is something that is the best option when DH is away overseas with work.  It was Hong Kong this year but he has been all around the world on different years.

  • I have started doing Couch to 5k again and am at week 5 (I started at week 4).  I am so unfit but it will be all worth it in the end.  I hope to do a 5k fun run in February.

  • 0 mornings of sleeping in as Hayden is still waking at 5.30 am.

Then there was January

  • No days of rain.  Zero that is .....nil drops of rain.   Our grass is very dry, our gardens very thirsty and my washing getting dry on the line everyday.

  • I started Project 365 fresh and took a photo a day and a few more for good measure.  Long may this committment last.  My pages and photos can be found on my blog here.

  • Hayden spent 16 days in residential respite care which gave us a well needed break. I got 16 nights of uninterrupted sleep and 16 sleep ins while he was away.

  • 4 of us went camping for 14 days at Ohiwa Harbour and had a fabulous time.  The weather was perfect and our airbed stayed up.

(We are with friends toasting Marshmellows on the beach.  Such a wonderful time had by all.)

  • DH has just spent 31 either on leave or one off days from work.  Lucky me...he was on holiday with us and then spent time painting the house.  If you look closely you can see my DH by the front door painting.

  • Hayden gets home and the next morning we have our 1st emergency of the year.  Well on a real emergency but the 1 power cord for Haydens feeding pump was broken and so his machine could not be charged.  It took 5 phone calls and 6 hours to sort it out so that 1 little boy could have 500mls of Nutrini RTH food over night.

  • Talk about high maintenance Hayden then needed 1 trip to the hospital for the usual blood tests and 1 trip to 2 pharmacies for medication and then finally he needed 3 new mattress protectors.  All of that in 5 days not bad really.

  • 2 of three children started school and so Andre was at school 4 days at the end of January, Mckenzie did 2 days and Hayden is yet to start.  

  • I covered 18 books for the start of school.  That was only for 2 children.

  • Andre had his 9th birthday.  My how he is growing up.

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Monday Menu 4 February

Here we are posting a day late but none the less a menu.  School has been back a week and there is no rest as everything else starts up at the same time.

So here is my menu for this week.

Monday    freezer meal

Tuesday  easy fried rice

Wednesday  ham steaks with nectarine salsa, baked potato and garden salad.

Thursday  ham, cheese and vegetable frittata, potato and salad

Friday  pizza homemade.

Saturday  chicken nuggets with potatoes baked and salad.

Sunday  leftovers.

(this is my version of Easy Fried Rice)