Wednesday, 18 February 2009


That's right chores. What is it about not working each day, youngest son now at school and DH working in Beijing and I am left with all the chores. Each day there is a long list of chores I try to accomplish but it seems impossible. The washing, cleaning, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms all need looking at today. The ironing is constantly in perpetual motion, dishes all ways to be done and at the end of the day when I look around it feels like I have gone no where and achieved very little.

Life is busy.

On top of all that there are the after school activities. Now I know that there are not many at this stage and my children are only little or unable to participate in any. Tonight DS2 had swimming. DD had to take her homework with her and that meant scissors glue etc as she is supposed to be making a collage about her by Friday.

Here she is all organised and in the car where there are fewer distractions. DS1 is in his seat as well. It is a terrible time to have him out as his Rubifen has worn off and his behaviour is less than ideal.

Hmmmmm 4.30 is not a great time to have a lesson

Project 365

I have finally got my computer back, well it had to be replaced because its internal workings were no long repairable. I have decided that instead of posting a photo a day that I would post my LO's on a week by week basis. Maybe there will be days. That will give me time to blog more about other things.

So in catching up here the LO's I have done....all 4 of them week 3, 4, 5 and 6

week 3 and it is still the summer holidays. We have been busy being busy, if that makes any sense.

Credits are quickpage from Lauries Scraps a blog freebie, background paper from Funky Love Songs by Emily Powers stitching from stitching kit by CRD border and date circle from Life365 Hodge Podge 1 by WW glitter from Chase n Ryan by Flerg. Fonts are Tahoma, 2 Peas GG Mix, 1942 report

week 4 and I have noticed that not too many photos of DD. I wonder what she was up to when the camera was around?

Credits are Quickpage from Lauries Scraps a blog freebie, page border, date dots and journalling borders are from Life 365 from WW. Fonts are Scrap Rhapsody, Dynamo Inver and Scrap Kids

week 5 and another week of journalling and school holidays are over. DS2 first day at school, a very exciting week for him.

Credits are everything from Life 365 Kit by WW except green paper from Life 365 Hodge Podge pack 1 by ww rope from My Favourite Things kit from WW. Fonts are arial, 1942 Report and Smudger LET

Finally week 6 and I am all caught up.

Credits are Chipboard paper from Full of Wonder kit, Blue paper, flower cluster, photo border from Life 365 Hodge Podge 3, border, journalling tag, brad, from Life 365 kit date circle recoloured from Life 365 hodge podge 1 kit. Fonts are University Roman LET and Jellyka Saint Andrews Queen.