Saturday, 24 September 2011

Travelling with children

There is nothing like a list at your finger tips of things that will help keep you children entertained when in a car travelling for long distances.  I recently had a need to think about some of these.  i know that reading a book, or colouring in do not necessarily conjure up ideas of happy stomachs so I think that simple and old fashioned are the best.

  1. I spy.....great for all ages.  Starting with colours even developing into a number plate version of I spy
  2. A game of 'It'.....I guess this is like playing a game of tag but with no room to run around you use words only.  The 'It' person has a phrase they must say everytime they are asked a question.  Lets us say the phrase is 'smelly socks'.  Now everyone in the car asks questions of the 'It' person who only can answer saying smelly socks.  It truely is a barrel of fun.
  3. A scavenger hunt is something for all ages.  Here are a few examples from the the net.
Personally anything that keeps them laughing is good for me.