Friday, 10 August 2012

Lonely Sometimes

Just sometime I feel really lonely.  I guess there are many things that contribute to that feeling and at the same time there is nothing that really stands out.  Sometimes it can be all about Hayden.  With him being disabled and not fitting any support group.  Someone who really understands the difficulty of having one really challenging....behaviourally, medically and intellectually .....person in the house.  Perhaps it is just that DH has been overseas with work for 13 days (just like now).  Or maybe it might just be no matter how hard I have tried since we returned to New Zealand from living overseas (6 years ago) it has been difficult developing new circles of people in Auckland is so impersonal here.

Sometime I just sit here alone in the evenings wondering what more I can do to fix the situation but I must be stale and see to be stuck.

Any way no need to sit here feeling sorry for myself.  A little scrapbooking therapy and I am ready to get on with it.

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