Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mid Winter Gardening

I am not a keen garden but our house sits on a sit of a approximately 1100 m sq with garden surrounding three of the boundaries. Now when I say garden I really mean plenty of garden beds, dirt and weeds and not so many plants. We have been trying to put plants in place but with money restrictions it is a slow job. So in the last two days DH, the children and I have been outside dealing to the mess that winter has left us. The first task that had to be done was to perform so serious surgery on the old and rotting Kowhai tree that decided to fall down. See this post here. 3 hours later and a seriously attended to tree is looking much more stable. We are really sad that such a beautiful tree is really on its last legs but I guess that is nature.

Here is the final part of the tree to come down. (photo by DS2 5 years old)

and another shot by DS2

So today I attended to the flattened garden, when the tree fell down, and the copious leaves that are now smothering the lawns and garden beds. Thank goodness that DH got a mega leaf blower for his birthday because it sure has been useful today.

Here is the Kowhai tree (the next day.) DD 8 years took the photo.

I still have another days gardening to go and then it will be on to the next renovation task. That is for another blog entry. Weeding to be finished, de-weeding the pavers that line our driveway, spraying for all the moss that is everywhere and finally mowing the lawns. Phew I feel exhausted just thinking about it all.

I Customised my Blog

I have had a try at customising my blog. I hope you like it. I think there are a few other things that I would like to try and do but I have run out of time at the moment so I will leave it at that.